Mimic Your Ancestors To Melt Away Fat

The EVOLVE DIET APP adopts a timeless and ultra effective method of weight loss – the randomisation of daily calorie consumption.

You are allocated a different calorie target each day – some days your targets are high, other days they are lower – to replicate the conditions under which we evolved.

A variation of intermittent fasting, the EVOLVE DIET APP teaches your body to burn fat and deliver a wealth of health benefits.

A picture of the Evolve Diet App

Achieve Your Goal In 10 Day Cycles

The EVOLVE DIET APP knows why most diets fail. Human nature.

You get bored of eating the same low calorie foods over and over, attempt the process on your own and are too ambitious with your targets.  It becomes very hard to stay motivated.

The EVOLVE DIET APP is different because it hacks the psychological reasons why most diets fail. Using a combination of proven weight loss theory, bite-sized time scales and a healthy dose of fun, it keeps you focused and gets results. Fast.