Using The App

Starting The Evolve Diet Program

Download The App

Visit the iOS App Store, search 'Evolve Diet App' and download the app for free. (App is currently iPhone only, if you have an Android phone, you can still use the app via the online portal).

Register An Account

Register a new account - entering your name, gender, email address (this will be your login ID), setting a password and your current weight/height measurements.

Start Your First Cycle

The app has worked out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).  Select your chosen program intensity and click 'Begin Program' to start a new 10 day cycle.

Recording Your Progress

The EVOLVE DIET APP is available as an iOS phone app and as an online portal - and has 5 main feature areas.

MAIN - The main/home screen is where your calorie counter wheel is located and where you will see your allocated calorie number each day. This is also where you select your program intensity (Aggressive, Moderate, Light or Maintenance) at the beginning of a cycle and update your weight information each day.

CYCLES - Shows details of your current selected cycle, and where you can purchase additional cycles.  It is also where you can allocate future 'block' days (optional cheat days within a cycle).

DIARY - Shows details of your app usage so far - including cycle dates and calories previously allocated.

TRACKING - Where you can track your progress across multiple time frames. It also shows the number of program days you've been on.

PROFILE - Where your account information is stored, where you can set your profile picture, update your weight and another place you can change your program intensity.

Update Daily Via Phone or Desktop

Each morning you will receive a notification on your phone or portal screen informing you of your daily calorie target. Update your calories on the MAIN screen throughout the day.

Your EVOLVE DIET APP account is accessible via our online portal and through the app on your smartphone. The locations are fully synced across both platforms so any changes you make it one will automatically update in the other.


Start Your Trial Today

The average EVOLVE DIET APP user loses 6 lbs in their first 10 day cycle*. This revolutionary approach to dieting is making people healthier, happier and more confident everyday.

So what are you waiting for? Download the EVOLVE DIET APP today and start your own weight loss journey.

* Under the Aggressive Weight Loss setting