Why It Works

Why (Most) Diets Fail

We lose weight for one reason - a caloric deficit. This is the difference between the calories we consume each day and the calories we expend as energy. If we consume less calories than we need to function, our bodies will use stored fat to make up the deficit.

Every single diet you have tried, or will try, operates under this principle.

The problem with a lot of diets, however, is they are unsustainable. They involve eating the same low calorie foods over and over and long sessions in the gym with zero energy. You also typically take on these challenges alone making for a boring and painful experience. It’s no wonder you fall off the wagon sooner, rather than later.

The EVOLVE DIET APP is different because it hacks human psychology and alleviates the main reasons diets fail. Using a combination of proven weight loss theory, manageable time scales and a healthy dose of fun, it keeps you focused and gets results. Fast.

So how does it work?

Why The Evolve Diet Is Different

1. It Makes Dieting A Game

Based over a 10 day cycle, the EVOLVE DIET APP uses a propriety algorithm to assign you a different caloric target each day. Throughout the cycle, you will experience an overall caloric deficit but rather than give you the same calories each day, your daily calories are randomised.

For example, for someone with a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of 2200 calories/day, their daily calorie plan might unfold like this:

Day 1: 1500 calories
Day 2: 800 calories
Day 3: 1000 calories
Day 4: 0 calories
Day 5: 2500 calories
Day 6: 800 calories

The process blows away the predictability and boredom of traditional diets because each day you won't know what calorie allowance you're going to get until you wake up in the morning - turning the dieting process into a game and replicating the conditions under which we evolved (which brings a whole host of additional health benefits).

Dieting Is A Game

Wait! Is That A Fast Day?!

As you can see in the example list above, there is a day featured with 0 calorie allowance and a day with a 2500 calorie allowance (which is over your BMR).

Under the Aggressive Weight Loss setting, the EVOLVE DIET APP will incorporate a day of complete fasting into your cycle. The benefits of fasting under small time scales like this are well known  - and in many cases the basis for turbo charging your weight loss program. Some people will have never experienced fasting before, and we provide tips on how to handle the fasting process if you think you may find it hard. However, believe us, its actually much easier than you think.

Another element that is incorporated into the 10 day cycle is a feast day, where you are allowed to consume over your BMR allowance of calories. These are effectively treat days, and they can come at any time, so get ready for a nice surprise.

All these features make the EVOLVE DIET APP a fun experience that makes the process unpredictable and increases your adherence to the program. The process of intermittent fasting also brings with it a host of additional health benefits.

Evolve Keeps You Motivated

2. It Keeps You Motivated

One of the key reasons diets fail is because there is nobody telling you what to do each day. Whilst you may follow a basic diet outline, the decision making is effectively left to you - leaving the door open to inevitable cheating, demotivation and diet failure.

Think of the EVOLVE DIET APP as your own personal diet coach. Each morning you are being told what you can have that day. All you have to do is stick to the calories assigned and you WILL lose weight.

The dieting process becomes a conscious experience. You input the calories you consume as you consume them. It serves as a constant reminder to stay on course and not forget your overall goal.

3. Manageable 10 Day Cycles

Perhaps the number one reason people fail at dieting is because they take on too big a challenge in one go. Going from 0 to 60 with an intense diet plan leads to inevitable failure. This is especially hard if you have a lot of weight to lose.

The EVOLVE DIET APP is different because it bases it's weight loss approach around 10 day cycles. This pre-defined time scale is long enough to put your body into a fat burning state with noticeable results, but short enough that you can see the end of the tunnel.

Breaking down dieting into time chunks like this makes the process more psychologically achievable and drastically increases your adherence to the program. At the end of an initial 10 day cycle, you can decide whether to take a little break, or depending on your own specific goals, carry on into another 10 day cycle.

The real benefit is that the EVOLVE DIET APP is always there for you. If you feel like you've had a particularly decadent period or would like to lose some holiday weight, you can just start another 10 day cycle.

Dieting Is A Game

Getting Results...

The average EVOLVE DIET APP user loses 6 lbs in their first 10 day cycle*. This revolutionary approach to dieting is making people healthier, happier and more confident everyday.

So what are you waiting for? Download the EVOLVE DIET APP today and start your own weight loss journey.

* Under the Aggressive Weight Loss setting.