How To Deal With A Day Of Fasting

How To Deal With A Day Of Fasting

If you take on the 10 day Evolve challenge on the Aggressive weight loss setting, you will experience 1 fast day within the 10 day cycle. Many people who realise this for the first time are shocked…

“Wait! What?! I can’t eat for an entire day? I can’t do that. I’ll have no energy. I’ll be too hungry”

No Energy?

The argument that you will have no energy is ridiculous. In reality, you have loads of energy and it’s held all over your body as fat. And the quickest way to access that stored energy (and lose weight) is to remove consumed fresh energy (food). And there is no better way to do that than a fast. The longer you can go without new energy consumption, the sooner you will access fat as your reliant energy source.

Too Hungry?

When experiencing a fast day, many people will complain of a stomach rumble. This is caused by the release of pockets of gas and air created during the digestion process and is a sign that there is less food in your tummy (which would normally absorb the sound). We often associate that sound psychologically as being hungry and an indicator that we must eat soon. However, we’ve been conditioned to think that way. It’s just air. A sign that there is less food being digested. Which, remember, is a good thing!

Dealing With These “Problems”

As mentioned, we have been conditioned to think that by not eating for an extended period of time, we will have no energy and be too distracted by hunger. In reality, you may experience some temporary low energy moments or uncomfortable tummy rumbles during your fast day, but they will pass quicker than you imagine. However, there are two things you can consume during your fast day that will help push you through any challenging moments.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is a popular drink for suppressing hunger and increasing satiety. Not only does it contain a rich concentration of anti-oxidants, it is believed to stimulate the release of hunger controlling hormones – PYY and Leptin – in your digestive system. If you feel like you’re low on energy or hungry during your fast, a hot cup of Joe will sort you out (and contains 0 calories).

Interestingly, a study was conducted into the effects of coffee on suppressing hunger satiety and found that consumption of de-caffeinated coffee resulted in significantly lower hunger levels and higher plasma levels of PYY than other caffeinated beverages. The full study and article can be found here.

Carbonated Water

In 2012 a group of Japanese scientists conducted an experiment into the effects of carbonated water on hunger suppression amongst a selection of female university students. After a 10 hour fast, instead of breakfast, the students were given different drinks each day and then measured electrical activity in their guts, as well as asking them to rate their feelings of hunger using a visual scale.

When measured against no drink at all, still water and fizzy water, it was fizzy water that was found to stimulate the highest electrical activity in the gut and increase feelings of satiety. This is believed to be because carbon dioxide gas bubbles are more adept at stretching receptors in the stomach – making the subject feel fuller than if they had just consumed normal water. Therefore, if you feel hungry during the fast day, a glass of fizzy water is much better for making you feel full. This video explains the full study conducted.

0 Calories

Both black coffee and carbonated water contain 0 calories and keep you in the fast. Next time you’re hit with an unexpected fast day during the Evolve Diet, give them a try and see how easy fasting can be.

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