Should You Ever Feel Bad About Your Weight?

Should You Ever Feel Bad About Your Weight?

Today’s media-driven culture of perfectionism and digitally enhanced photography has created a stressful environment for people who believe their body image is the most important thing about them.

The sad thing is, it’s easy to believe that, especially for the younger generations who have been more exposed to this sort of idealism than people ever have in the past.

Both the entertainment industry and all of the popular photo-driven social networking sites encourage us to place a major emphasis on the way we look.

But the truth is there’s a fine line between adopting a healthy lifestyle and becoming obsessed with what we eat.

Too many people today feel bad about their weight and develop an unhealthy obsession with being slim.

Perhaps in part due to the unrealistic level of perfectionism that we are able to promote these days, as well as a cause of the body-shaming culture that is all too common in many parts of the world, a lot of people have become obsessed with having the perfect body image.

But historically speaking, humans have never really had a naturally perfect body image (at least not the vast majority of us). So being overly concerned with your weight is neither productive, nor necessary, nor even healthy.

Diets are first and foremost an instrument of wellness, and are intended only to bring people within the boundaries of what is considered healthy.

Therefore, being a few pounds over what is considered the perfect size for your weight group is no reason for concern, worry, stress or any level of shame.

It won’t bring us joy to completely sign off on all of the food we like – and see our friends eat all the time – so that we can fit into a hyperbolic state of perfection.

Even the best looking models we see in the media industry each day need plenty of help from makeup and digital touch-ups to look as perfect as they do.

The real key to healthy living is balance:

Eating well, being active, stressing less and allowing yourself to have the occasional indulgence.

Doing this never requires anyone to completely sign off on comfort food.

Remember: In the end, everyone deserves a cheat day.

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