Why Fasting Is A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Why Fasting Is A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Fasting is known by most people for its cultural and religious applications. It’s been around for a very long time and by many people, it’s considered a sacred practice.

But no matter where you stand on the religious side of things, fasting is also a great way to lose weight.

More than that, it’s been proven in many scientific studies to have several important health benefits for our bodies.

You can think of it as a sort of natural “cleanse” that, when exercised properly, makes a very healthy practice to add as a monthly habit.

The scales differ slightly from person to person, but, on average, people can go an entire day without food before our bodies need to change anything at all in order to give us enough energy for our daily tasks.

After the first day, the body starts to burn existing fat in order to turn it into more energy – this is why fasting is such an effective way to lose weight fast.

We do need to be careful, however, and make sure that we don’t go too far with this. Eventually, burning fat for energy will no longer be enough, and that’s the point where fasting is no longer a healthy habit for us to keep up. But we’d never ask you to go that far.

Those of us living in developed countries have grown up believing that feeling hungry is bad in all cases – but that’s not actually true. That’s how a lot of people today develop the habit of overeating or don’t understand why they’re putting on weight.

Fasting for just 2 days each month is a much healthier habit to develop in contrast, and it doesn’t have to be a no-food fasting challenge – a partial fasting challenge is good too.

It’s important to note, by the way, that in all cases you should continue to consume water as usual.

So fasting is a great way to lose weight – what else can it do?

According to different researchers, fasting shows positive effects on our longevity, improves our body’s composition, helps with the renewal of cells and neurons and acts as an antioxidant.

Before creating the Evolve fitness app, we’ve tested the method we propose for a long time. As the app’s creator is a doctor himself, he knew about and understood the benefits of fasting even before that.

That’s why we’ve included the fasting method as an option for losing weight in the Evolve app, and created a system that also tells users how many calories they should consume the day after their fasting period is over.

If you’re curious about fasting but not sure what the most effective and safe way to do it is, find all of the info you need and more by downloading the app!

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