Lose Weight Fast: Begin The New Year Slimmer

Lose Weight Fast: Begin The New Year Slimmer

December is now here, which means we’re at that point where people start thinking about their upcoming New Year’s resolutions. Just one problem. A lot of us reach this point and realize we haven’t even completed last year’s resolutions yet. Sound familiar? If losing weight is among those unfinished resolutions, you might be thinking it’s too late.

But I’m here to tell you there is still hope! With a bit of work and no major sacrifice, there’s still time to cross the weight challenge off your list. So, are you ready to start 2017 slimmer? Here are 4 basic weight loss tips you can start implementing right away to bring you closer to your goal before the year’s end:

1. Get into the right mindset. Take each of your new eating habits and look at them as a daily challenge. You don’t have to change your lifestyle overnight. Taking things one simple step at a time will help you avoid getting overwhelmed and quitting before any real difference starts to show.

2. Challenge yourself to a small daily workout. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, that’s fine. You can do practically any kind of workout for 20 minutes every day, and that’s going to be enough to start making a significant difference in the long term. Consistency is the real key here. You can try walking more, riding a bike – even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Blake Lively’s personal trainer, Don Saladino, admitted recently that she recovered the body she had before giving birth to her second child, simply by working out 20 minutes every day.

3. Use weight loss apps to enhance your performance. The truth in today’s modern society is that we no longer necessarily need a personal trainer to get started on a consistent, well planned diet program. That’s where technology comes in. While a trainer can still be very useful for people with more time and fewer budget restrictions, you can find several great apps out there, just like Evolve, that were designed to help people with a busy schedule achieve their weight loss goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

4. Try the fasting diet. In recent papers, researchers have shown that fasting for a few days is not only an effective way to lose weight fast, but actually happens to be a healthy decision in an even larger variety of ways. Restraining from eating food for an entire day or even just a higher number of hours places our bodies on alert, which means our organisms will be working more. That said, always keep in mind that drinking water while on your no-food diet is fine. And there is of course a limit on how much time you should be fasting for, before it becomes counterproductive. And that’s it!

Try any one of these 4 tips or more of them combined and see how you feel after just one week – Good luck!

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