Losing 5.5 Pounds In 10 Days

Losing 5.5 Pounds In 10 Days

For a lot of obvious reasons, nutritional diets are the single most effective way to lose weight, period.

However, good things done in excess can end up causing more harm than good.

This applies to diets too which, although good for you in general, can cause harm if maintained for too long.

Just how long is too long depends of course on the type of diet you’re following and how restrictive it is.

What we have to always keep in mind is that our bodies need a variety of nutrients to function properly, so any diets that restrict those nutrients should be started with an end date in mind.

Generally speaking, restrictive diets should be limited to a maximum of one month. Now, to be clear, that doesn’t mean that once your diet is over you should go back to eating the way you did before. That’s just going to cause you to gain back all of that lost weight.

After a diet is over, a more stable and healthy meal plan should be maintained – but nothing restrictive in terms of nutrients or other essential health factors.

Restricting what you eat for a set period of time (one that fits within healthy boundaries) is a great way to lose weight quickly – especially when paired with exercise.

But once you’ve reached your goal, it is immediately recommended that you switch to a healthy, balanced diet meant to help you maintain your weight. That’s why food education is so important.

If we don’t know what to eat once a diet is over, we risk falling back into old habits and undoing all the progress we’ve made.

So is it possible to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time without assuming health risks? Yes, it is.

To prove that, we asked a Brazilian woman, Carolina Pain, who uses Evolve for weight loss, to follow our 10 day plan and track her progress to see if it really does work.

Her results were good, as she managed to lose over 5 pounds in just those 10 days without doing anything too demanding.

The secret behind her success was, in addition to respecting the daily calorie limit our app proposed, that she chose to eat low-calorie food that had properties which help with prolonged satiety.

According to her, the fasting day suggested by our app was even easier to go through than she imagined. And look at her results after just 10 days!

So the important lesson here is that losing weight is possible for just about anyone and it doesn’t have to be extremely painful or difficult.

On the contrary, the point of it is to help you feel better about yourself and develop a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits.

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