Maintaining Your New Weight

Maintaining Your New Weight

Maintaining your new weight after a diet is over can be challenging.

Hormonal changes, loss of muscle mass and other factors related to age advancements make it more difficult for people to stay in shape as they grow.

With age, our metabolisms slow down, and that decreases the body’s ability to expend calories.

These same factors can also contribute to your gaining weight after a diet is over. The reason a lot of people struggle to maintain their weight after a diet is that a lot of times, the types of diets pursued are too restrictive.

When we take essential nutrients away from our body, that causes it to go into high alert, which means it will try to store fat rather than expend it.

So when the diet is over and you go back to eating as you did before, your body will store all of that extra fat which will cause you to gain weight more quickly.

A recent study proves that soon after losing weight, people tend to experience hormonal changes that increase appetite, slow down metabolism and cause the body to eliminate less fat.

The most important finding of the study was that these changes persist for at least a year after the end of a diet, causing many individuals to regain their old weight.

According to some doctors, gaining 3-4 pounds a year does not set off the so called “yo-yo effect” (which causes people to regain lost weight).

However, more than this can be considered a problem. Each year, losing weight becomes a little bit more difficult, because of the process of aging discussed earlier. So learning to control your weight is very important.

In addition to that, past a certain age, weight loss does not only cause individuals to lose fat, but also muscle mass.

Now, the most effective way to maintain your ideal weight is to develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

This means you should make it part of your ongoing lifestyle to be active, exercise, go on walks and runs, eat well and keep track of your weight.

If you do reach a point where weight loss is necessary and weight management is not enough, you can use the Evolve method, as opposed to a restrictive diet that may end up causing more harm than good.

Evolve was designed to help people lose weight in a short time, without restricting what you can eat – only how much. This ensures you can continue to get all of the essential nutrients your body needs while also controlling your calorie intake so that you can expend more fat.

After the diet is over, you can lower your settings and use it as a means to ensure that you’re on track to maintaining your new weight.

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