Making Good Restaurant Choices

Making Good Restaurant Choices

You’ve been telling yourself that one of the reasons you can’t lose weight is because you don’t have spare time to cook and you are never at home, always eating out. But, let’s tell the truth: nowadays, there are lots of restaurants that serve good and healthy food. So, it’s up to you to make good choices and follow a healthy diet.

Instead of asking for a pepperoni pizza at lunchtime, order a slice with light ingredients, such as peppers, chicken, tuna, turkey, tomatoes and pineapple. They’re healthier and have less fat and calories than pepperoni. Or even better, go for a salad and fish.

You should also try not to drink anything while eating. It’s better for your body—It will help you digest food faster. If you really need to drink when you eat, ask for water. Forget soda and juices—most have way too many calories. So water is always the best and healthier option.

Check out other tips to lose weight, even if you have a busy day:

1 – When eating out, make better choices and order food that will help you lose weight. When in a restaurant, choose broccoli, beans, fish or chicken, white and fresh cheese, oats, brown rice, and pear, pineapple or any other fruit for dessert.

2 – Stop eating fried and industrialized food. So you ordered a meal with fried chicken and mashed potatoes and some vegetables. That may taste great, but a fast food meal doesn’t count as healthy. They have a lot of fat, sodium and other chemical ingredients that are not good for your health. Besides that, the portions served at these places are generally really big. So, seek out restaurants and other food spots that serve fresh food.

3 -Regarding portions, let’s be frank about that, too. Eating fruits, vegetables and protein is a part of a healthy diet plan, but make sure you are not exaggerating in the quantity you eat. Remember: the best way to lose weight is eating with quality and knowing how many calories you consume. It’s up to you!

4 – Almost every afternoon you feel like eating something sweet—a cookie, a slice of cake or a pie, right? That happens with most of us. You already should know that sugar is not our friend and if you have already had breakfast and lunch… Guess what, no one said losing weight was easy—Don’t give in. But if you have to eat something sweet, eat two small pieces of dark chocolate or an apple. That way, you can still win the daily challenge. You’ll see it’s not so difficult to make smarter choices.

5 – Have you ever thought about using a fitness app to help you lose weight? There are plenty of apps with different functions that can make your diet easier, but they can be complicated. Instead of downloading an app that just makes you write down what you eat and how many calories the food has, choose an app that will truly help you lose weight and that challenges you every day with a different calorie challenge. The best thing about this method is that it helps you keep control over your body, challenging you every day to eat a certain amount, sometimes more, sometimes less, without drastic change. That’s what Evolve Diet will do for you. Yes, Evolve is different than anything you’ve tried before. It will help you make better choices, and you can still eat out and enjoy higher quality foods. Want to give it a try? Join the (r)evolution! Go to, and sign up for a free trial.

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