What Is A Negative Calories Diet?

What Is A Negative Calories Diet?

Weight loss and dieting programs are a major topic these days, having loads and loads of people each day looking for the best way to take off those extra pounds.

With the market being as big as it is, it’s no surprise that you’ll find a TON of information online about countless different ways to lose weight.

The bad news with that is you may have to sift through some clutter before you finally find the good stuff.

The good news is, with all of the options you have, you’re bound to find one that suits your own particular needs.

Now, since we’re in the industry too, we like to look into various weight loss styles ourselves… then find the best ones so you don’t have to look so far.

With that in mind, the negative calories diet is yet another addition to our list of recommended dieting styles, and this one is particularly suited for those of you looking for something fun and active to do.

What does that mean specifically?

Well, “The Negative Calories Diet”, by the famous chef Rocco DiSpirito, suggests a an approach to weight loss that may seem radical at first, but it actually isn’t.

The proposition is simple and effective:

Lose more calories while you cook than you’ll gain from the food you eat.

In other words, the Negative Calories Diet gives you a list of low-calorie recipes that are designed so you’ll actually burn more calories while cooking them than the recipes even contain.

Let’s take an example:

Let’s say the recipe you’ve chosen from your list adds up to about 300 calories per portion – most of them really do.

The instructions for cooking them are made so that you can end up losing up to 400 calories in the process. So you get to eat and not gain, but LOSE 100 calories? I think I like that math.

The secret here is that you’ll be taught to prepare your recipes with very low tech. This means you’ll have to cover most tasks by manually:

Chopping, pealing, smashing – everything you need to cover in order to prepare your veggies, fruits and grains.

And if you’re already using our own app, Evolve, to help you lose weight, here’s the best part: they actually work very well together.

Evolve promotes a variation of calorie goals to keep you on track for weight loss daily, and now you can pair some of the recipes in chef Rocco’s book to reach those goals more easily.

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