The Truth About Healthy Lifestyles

The Truth About Healthy Lifestyles

A few days ago, a digital fitness influencer made a very interesting statement about changing her lifestyle.

In one of her social media posts she shared a photo she took at a local market of a small bundle of bitter hazelnut chocolates she purchased. She told her fans that she knew they were not fitness-friendly or light.

However, after having a baby and realizing that her routine would have to change, and that she was no longer willing to deprive herself of certain foods, she decided to make a little tweak in her lifestyle.

Before, her food was restricted: lots and lots of protein, few carbohydrates and an extreme workout routine.

Now, she eats with balance and wisdom. That’s what a healthy diet is to her.

A little bit chocolate when she feels like it, pasta when she feels like it. She did not abandon her workout routine, but if sometimes she doesn’t manage to follow it perfectly, that’s okay too. She doesn’t want to be a slave of her body or diet.

A year or two before, her body fat index was 7%, which is considered extremely low. Despite having a beautiful and sculpted body, she no longer menstruated. Her body was not behaving normally due to excessive workouts. Her “healthy eating” process, which despite appearing healthy, was very limiting for some essential nutrients.

Even after leaving the lifestyle that helped her achieve her incredible body, she remains beautiful and now, according to her, much happier. Her body fat index reached 15%, which is good.

The testimony of this digital influencer is an example for many people about what a healthy diet and lifestyle really means. Doing what gives you joy is an essential part of leading a healthy life.

In addition to working out, which is important and helps to build a healthy body, other types of activities should also be adopted. A good night’s sleep, for example, is critical for the body to rest, de-stress and even helps you lose weight.

Being able to rest a few times a day, breathe patiently, engage in a hobby and eat with balance are often healthier than any other diet.

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