Stick To Your Diet With A Fitness App

Stick To Your Diet With A Fitness App

If you’ve already tried a fitness app but abandoned it before reaching your weight loss goal, this post should help you. The problem a lot of fitness apps have is that in spite of their great meal tracking and planning features, they overlook one of the most important elements in a successful diet plan: The motivational part.

People need a method to keep them engaged with what they’re doing, or else they may find themselves putting a premature end to their journey, with even more pounds than they had when they first got started. A good explanation for why this happens could be that most fitness apps lack a method.

A real nutritionist would do more than just tell you how many calories to consume in a day. They would also give you a successful method to follow. One that’s worked for others, and is scientifically proven to have visible, real results. If you’ve used apps whose diet tips aren’t directly supported by medical data, or track only what you eat without providing help with what you should eat, or simply measure your workout efforts on a daily basis, you might want to look at a solution that goes that much needed extra mile:

Taking you step by step, through a medically-proven weight loss journey. That’s where apps like Evolve come in. With Evolve, we wanted to do something that accomplishes more than just tracking your calorie intake. Evolve is based on a proven weight loss method, and it’s designed to keep you motivated and consistent with your efforts.

Not only that, if you’re already using one of the other popular wellness apps like MyFitnessPall, for instance, you can also use Evolve without having to switch entirely. In fact, we’ve found that Evolve and MyFitnessPal make a pretty good combination when paired together. On one hand, MyFitnessPall offers a great database of food to choose from based on your daily calorie intake goal. Each food displays fundamental properties and calorie counts to help you make an informed meal decision.

On the other hand, Evolve offers you a medically-backed dietary method to give you the best orientation on how much to eat based on how much weight you want to lose in a given period of time. Since the two apps offer a different set of features that compliment each other very well, they can make a powerful weight loss asset when used together. By analyzing your goals and BMI (Body Mass Index), Evolve proposes a daily amount of calories to ingest.

The app has 3 different difficulty levels where the hardest one even sets aside a few days for fasting. Knowing what you should be eating will help you make better choices the next time you head over to the supermarket. And that’s the first step towards developing the habit of consuming healthier and less caloric food.

It will stimulate you to try new recipes with better combined food properties in balanced meals. As a result, you’ll be able to cut down on calories and perhaps even have enough room left in the day for a delicious piece of your favorite chocolate.

This method is meant to teach you how to eat better without being too restrictive, as opposed to other diet programs such as Dukan or the proteic diet. Eating well and better shouldn’t be a painful undertaking. With Evolve, it doesn’t have to be.

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