How Long Should I Diet For?

How Long Should I Diet For?

If you’ve decided you want to lose some weight, you’ll have to figure out two things in order to determine the best diet for you to go on:

1. How many pounds do you want to lose?

2. How long should you go on a diet for to achieve that goal?

People who want to lose weight fast tend to favor the more restrictive, short-term diets. People who care more about balance and adopting a healthier lifestyle overall tend to prefer long-term, easier diets.

If you’re looking to lose weight quickly, that’s fine, but you should keep one thing in mind:

If, at the end of your diet program, you revert back to your old eating habits, the effects of that diet won’t last for long.

A lot of people who go on high-intensity, restrictive diets tend to gain back the weight they’ve lost after the diet is over.

The reason for that is obvious. A slim body cannot sustain a heavy-calorie diet that you may have been used to before.

So balancing your meals and adopting a long-term, healthier lifestyle after your diet is over is crucial to maintaining your new form. What should your plan be for after you’ve completed your diet and reached your weight goal? The answer to that is something we talk about quite often on our blog and that is:

Food re-education and the gradual adoption of healthier habits in your daily life. If you’re just starting a diet now and decided you want to go with a fast weight loss program, remember that it’s important to plan what you’re going to do next as well.

Something that we’ve noticed with our own users is that those who choose the 10 day diet plan and do not renew at the end of it are more likely to come back at a later date and repeat the process.

This happens because the plan helps people lose weight quickly, but if they revert back to old habits once the diet is complete, their success eventually becomes undone.

A more reliable solution would then be to opt for a medium-to-long-term plan, which gives you more time to get used to your new healthy habits, so that you can continue to implement them even after your program expires.

This sort of approach is also cheaper than renewing the basic plan, and it’s more effective in the long run.

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