Post-Diet Challenge: Maintaining Your New Figure

Post-Diet Challenge: Maintaining Your New Figure

It’s a common challenge for people who’ve successfully lost weight, be that through a diet, workout or using medical means, to make sure that it all stays off for good.

Maintaining a figure that you’re not used to will not be easy at first, and some people fail. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, the first step is to understand why it happens at all.

Even people who use extreme measures like stomach reduction surgery to cut back on a large measure of pounds can gain it all back after just 2 years.

One of the top reasons that happens is because even though their weight has changed, their eating habits often do not.

In the case of surgical weight loss, people who’ve been through the process, now seeing themselves in a much slimmer figure, may end up falling for the trap of thinking that now they can eat anything they want.

That’s why psychological coping is such an important part of treatments against obesity.

Once we arrive at a weight we’re comfortable with, it becomes important for us to adopt new habits in order to keep it all off.

The trick to accomplishing that is to have some form of outside support.

Some people opt for a personal trainer or nutritionist, while others prefer the much more budget-friendly option of relying on family or friends for support.

Of course, your friends may not all be certified nutritionists or weight trainers, so it’s usually a good idea to move one step ahead of that.

That’s where tech comes in, specifically apps designed to give you the information you need to stay in shape.

Evolve is not only good for weight loss, but it can be used just as well for weight management. As it was created by a practicing physician, we know what sort of complaints and issues people have when dealing with weight management:

Adapting to new habits, consuming fewer calories and eating healthier foods are generally the top 3 challenges faced.

Evolve’s method helps people get over that in two ways: first of all, it isn’t restrictive. It’s based around meeting a daily calorie intake goal that is enough to help you lose/ maintain your weight, but beyond that, participants are still free to choose what they eat within those calorie limits.

Second, the app gives you a small challenge each day, such as skipping a regular dessert for one day, or to make room for a few minutes of fitness.

It’s meant to make the process simple and less stressful than other methods, so that more people can succeed at staying in a good, healthy shape.

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