Weight Loss Supplements: Know Their Effects

Weight Loss Supplements: Know Their Effects

The Internet and social media offer all kinds of information that, hypothetically, can help people find the best way to lose weight. You may choose a diet to follow just because a famous Instagramer is doing it and looking fabulous. But you should know that he or she probably has a huge support team, and is likely just endorsing that supplement. Just because it looks like a good idea doesn’t mean it is.

There are a seemingly endless number of supplements that promise miracles. They claim to speed up your metabolism, increase your strength and make your muscles bigger. But, if you take them without a prescription or without exercising, they can make you gain weight or even damage your internal organs.

Before adopting any diet plans or supplements, evaluate whether you really need them, what they can do for you and verify if there are any contraindications. Also talk to your physician! Check out our list of some of the most popular supplements, and their benefits and risks.


This is the most popular supplement available. It’s a concentrated protein to take before or just after the gym that helps your body gain more muscle mass. There are different types of protein, but the most used is made of milk protein. People who suffer from lactose intolerance need to look for other kinds of whey protein, such as soy, rice or peas. These proteins are generally flavored, and are best if taken in a smoothie with some fruit. But, if you are not exercising, be careful: many protein supplements contain a high number of calories and can make you gain weight. It’s not indicated for people with kidney, liver or heart problems because protein in excess can stress these parts of the body.


This supplement is known for making the metabolism run faster and it is taken before exercise and daily activities. It helps the body burn fat faster. Generally, it has caffeine or another stimulant added. If you use this supplement, you may find that your heart beats faster and your breath gets shorter. Because of the risks associated, consultation with a medical professional is recommended. As an alternative, you can take natural thermogenics in the foods you eat by adding spices like pepper, ginger and cinnamon. They also accelerate your metabolism, helping you to lose weight.


This is a jelly kind of carbohydrate. It is absorbed quickly by the body. It’s recommended for use before an intense and high-impact workout. But, just like whey protein, if you consume too much and do not exercise enough, it may make you gain some pounds. So, don’t use this on your diet plan if you are not an athlete.


In a pill or powder form, this supplement contains essential amino acids that help you to gain muscle mass. It’s one of the most expensive supplements, and its efficacy is not proven. The amino acids in this product are also found in foods like eggs, milk and meat.

Now that you know the risks of adding supplements to your diet plan, think twice before walking into a supplement store and spending real money.

The most effective way to lose weight is a healthy diet plan and exercise. You can make weight loss easier simply by eating a varying amount of calories each day. Download it now. Our Evolve app makes it easy.

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