Four Simple Workouts To Target Belly Fat

Four Simple Workouts To Target Belly Fat

The first thing to know about losing belly fat is that it isn’t as straightforward as losing fat in general, or as simple as doing abdominal workouts.

That’s because fat is not burned in a localized way, so if you do abdominal workouts, you’ll burn fat, just not necessarily belly fat. So what’s the solution?

In order to “nudge” your organism in the right direction, you’ll want to combine aerobics/ cardio workouts with workouts that specifically target your abdomen.

Cardio workouts help because they burn fats in all parts of the body.

There are some foods that can also speed up abdominal fat loss, such as ginger, pepper and red and green teas.

To speed things up, here are 4 effective workouts to help you burn calories and decrease belly fat:

1. Ball Workouts

Ball workouts are easy to do on your own, at home, provided you have a ball suited for pilates.

Ball workouts are good for helping you define the belly (which is what you’re looking for if you’re here).

Ball workouts are recommended for people who want to both lose belly fat and also strengthen the muscles in the region.

These types of activities focus on the muscles, as they involve strength and precision in order to improve endurance.

One of the main highlights of this approach is that, compared to the usual abdomen workouts you do on the floor, ball workouts require a lot more effort from your belly, due to the instability of the surface.

2. Full-Body Steps

Cardio steps are a good way to lose weight in general and they’re recommended to just about everyone because of their low-impact, high-intensity nature.

There are several ways to approach them, so feel free to choose the instructions that suit your fancy. The internet and fitness apps provide them aplenty.

Just make sure to follow your instructions exactly so as to not risk hurting yourself.

3. Hiking or running

One hour of running a day can help you expend much as 500 calories.

If you’re not feeling that adventurous, you can walk instead. An hour of walking can still help you expend 190 calories.

Making a regular habit of any of these 3 activities is a healthy choice you never hear people speaking ill of, as their applications go even beyond just weight loss.

4. Planking

This is a simple exercise you can do without any accessories, from the comfort of your own home.

It helps strengthen your abdomen muscles and lose localized belly fat.

To do them, simply place your elbows and forearms on the floor so that they are aligned, then lift your body and keep your legs straight. Stay in this position from 1 to 3 minutes.

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